Rhinestone Brass Knuckles

What to get your gang-banging girl in your life for Christmas? Rhinestone brass knuckles of course. Leaves a pretty impression in someone’s forehead.

48 thoughts on “Rhinestone Brass Knuckles”

  1. i would really like it if someone could tell me how to get a pair of these. i think everybody responding wants to know, but i don’t see any answers… :/

  2. Hey Guys

    Great site. I see the rhinestone brass knuckes caught your attention. Well I have a awesome flask belt buckle and key chain. It will give you the extra warmth you need on a cold day.

  3. My brother and fiancee are planning their wedding and want all bridesmaids to wear rhinestone knucks, how much and what is the wait on those?

  4. Please where can I get these. My best friend who means the world to me,is having an aniversarry with me and her. I really wanna suprise her with something nice!!!

  5. you can get brass knuckles or aluminum ones at a flea market
    you can also get rhinestones at a flea market or hobbyshop

    knucks are sold as paper weights now and you find them all over the place

  6. that shit is so corny, and all u dorks trying to find them are even worse than the loser that made em. knucks are for knockin niggers teeth out not status symbols

  7. i want a pair too! been looking all over.
    the ones on that site are paperweight..
    fuck these are sick as hell

  8. i need like 4 pairs of those one for me and the other three for my girls where can i get these and how much are they…i love them

  9. 0mg dude ii want s0me of these s0o0o0o bad plzzz tell me were ii can get s0me thank yew

  10. I want them i’ve been looking for a pair for awhile so icould beat theshit out of this one chick……………..how much

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